Our Board

Claire Lemay

I have been a resident of the village of Russell since 2014. I am a mother to four young kids. I am a city planner for the City of Clarence-Rockland. I have a BA in Political Science and International Development Studies and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning. I have been passionate about environmental protection for decades, but have recently taken a more active role in advocacy regarding climate change in order to protect my kids' futures. I am co-founder with my husband of RePowered Batteries, a local green technology start-up. I am a member of the For Our Kids network of parent climate activists. I am the newly-elected CEO of the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell Federal Green Party Association.

Cindy Saucier

Cindy Saucier has lived in Russell for 32 years. She and her husband Mike raised 3 sons here in a caring community. Cindy has always been active in her community and started the Environmental group DANDY (Dedicated and Notable Dandelion Yes) people and Trees for Tomorrow. She also wrote a green column for the Russell Villager for over two decades. She is a member of the Russell Horticultural Society, Russell Historical Society, Chair of the Russell Township Environmental Advisory Committee, sits on the Russell Township Library Board and is involved with many other committees and groups. She was involved with "Dump the Dump" campaign and sits on the Community Liaison Committee (CLC) for the proposed dump. Cindy has been a Councillor of Russell Township since January 2015 and works with South Nation Conservation where she is an Educational Steward and Forestry Steward. She passed a by-law in 2010 banning cosmetic pesticides and hopes to put something in place to protect the urban tree coverage in the Township of Russell.

Thaila Riden

Thaila operates The Grand Barn Community Garden Club and helps at Harmony Gardens to grow food. He strives to help people make a lifestyle transition to a healthier, more meaningful, resilient, and balanced existence with our environment and with each other. He is a proponent of the circular economy and would like to see planned obsolescence become obsolete. He endeavours to connect the dots, to link solutions, and to realize a vision of humanity playing a key stewardship role. He also performs music with bands like 50 PROOF and collaborates with many local musicians

Natacha Major

My name is Natacha, I grew up in Orleans and have been calling Embrun my home for 11 years. I am a public health nurse and I don't have a background in environmental sciences BUT I am very passionate about protecting the environment. I have 5 kids and we all love spending time outside, in nature. The clear cutting of forest happening around us has especially been weighing heavy on our hearts. I would love to help in any way I can and also get my kids involved when possible. I am looking forward to join the team!

Lisa Deacon

Lisa grew up on woodlots and farms across Ontario and Quebec. She moved to Embrun in 2018 and is loving it. She has had the privilege of exploring much of Canada's great outdoors including a cross-Canada cycling trip. She is raising two young boys and is a social entrepreneur in the data, social innovation and maternal health spaces.

Laura Hebert

Laura has a background in archaeology and natural resources management, a love for nature, and a deep curiosity about the relationships people have with the environment. Originally from the Winnipeg area, she has been in Eastern Ontario since 2017 and now lives on a small farm in Vankleek Hill.

Jennifer Glenn

Jennifer originally comes from Kingston and spent her childhood exploring the conservation areas of the Land of Lakes. She settled in Embrun 10 years ago with her husband to start their family. She is the owner of a local gardening company, Pick, Plant and Prune, and hopes to help shape how the flora and fauna of Russell township develop over time.

Isabelle Camiré

My name is Isabelle Camiré. My husband and I moved to Russell almost 4 years ago when I started working as a librarian at the Township of Russell Public Library. We've since grown our family with our daughter Ellie. I'm at my best when surrounded by nature, and so this love of nature combined with a desire to do more to protect the environment has inspired me to get involved with Eco-East.